Kids Corner: Quote of the Week (Dec 25)

This week’s quote comes from the film, The Emperor’s Club starring Kevin Kline and Emile Hirsch. Mr. Hundert uses this quote to attempt to motivate his students to study the great emperor’s of history. From this quote we learn that even great men are forgotten when they fail to contribute to the future of their… [Continue Reading]

Kids Corner: Quote of the Week (Dec 11)

This week’s quote comes from the inspirational author, William Arthur Ward. Ward has been published in such magazines as Reader’s Digest, This Week, The Upper Room, Together, The Christian Advocate, The Adult Student, The Adult Teacher, The Christian Home, The Phi Delta Kappan, Science of Mind, The Methodist Layman, Sunshine, and Ideals. Here is the quote…. [Continue Reading]

Schooling is not Education #6 (Dec 8)


Young Americans were allowed close to the mechanism of things. This rough and tumble practice kept social class elastic and American achievement in every practical field superb. – John Taylor Gatto This segment of the Underground History of American Education comes from Chapter 1: The Way It Used to Be. In it, we learn that… [Continue Reading]

Kids Corner: Quote of the Week (Dec 3)


This week’s quote comes from author Jack London. Although he is best known for his novel, The Call of the Wild, Mr. London was actually ”among the most publicized figures of his day, and he used this pulpit to endorse his support of socialism, women’s suffrage, and eventually, prohibition. He was among the first writers to… [Continue Reading]