The Swamps We Create (April 22)

It is the fear of truth that deprives us of our originality, for without truth, we cannot distinguish between what is real and what is not.  Without reality, there can be nothing new, for the fantasy is only an imitation of the reality.  We can create fantasy, but only based on the ideas of those we have borrowed from, not lived.

Life is formed and turned into something unique and uncharted.  It is the water we feel; it is the swamps we create; it is in the ocean we drown.

Our thoughts are shaped by our experiences. We cannot survive on what is not there; by avoiding the truth, by fearing words, by denying the observations of the bold, by our harsh reactions to truth, we can only prolong the agonizing mimicry.

A life lived can be like no other, but a life denied is like all those lives before it.  The void within the human spirit cannot be filled with imitation.

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