We Are Voyagers Recommends: Movies

Dolphin Tale – (PG)
Synopsis After a small dolphin loses its tail, a child fights through every obstacle and inspires good in everyone around him to help save the animal.  
Word Rating Cute, tender, and happy
Family Rating Dolphin Tale is great for families who value fortitude, independence and hard work. The children in the movie are smart, creative and motivated and the film presents an honest look at the potential our children have for innovation and strength when faced with difficult challenges  
Sensitive Areas The Dolphin loses its tale after getting caught in a trap. There are scenes of Army veterans with artificial limbs.
Overall Rating Dolphin Tale is a gentle story and one that you should be able to truly enjoy even after multiple viewings.

Saint Ralph – (PG-13)

Synopsis 14 year old catholic school student Ralph is determined to perform a miracle by winning the 1954 Boston Marathon in order to wake his mother from her coma.
Word Rating Innocent, charming, heartwarming and inspiring
Family Rating Saint Ralph is a delightful coming of age story about an intelligent 14 year old boy struggling to find his place in the world. As punishment for breaking a school rule, he is forced to join the school’s cross country team. With the help of his best friend, a caring teacher, and a kind nurse, Ralph defies all common sense on his quest.  
Sensitive Areas In one hilarious scene, Ralph finds himself able to see into the girls’ showers, where he catches a glimpse of a nude female buttocks. There is some language scattered throughout that may be inappropriate for children under 13.  Religion is handled with care and respect.
Overall Rating Saint Ralph is a funny, uplifting coming of age story that appeals to all ages. My daughter can’t stop watching it and cheers for Ralph throughout. 
The Emperor’s Club – (PG-13)
Synopsis A prep school history teacher inspires greatness in his students through the teaching of ancient Greek and Roman emperors while struggling to cope with his greatest failure.  
Word Rating Philosophical, thought provoking, contemplative
Family Rating Filled with philosophical reflections, The Emperor’s Club is a strong introduction to the foundations of our democracy. The film is entertaining, innocent, and sensitive.
Sensitive Areas There is a brief scene in which Sedgewick Bell, the antagonist, introduces pornographic magazines to his classmates. The scene is handled with care; however, a nude female body is shown on screen.
Overall Rating The Emperor’s club is a film that the whole family can enjoy. Strong moments of philosophy, questioning of moral judgments, and numerous quotable quotes make this film one to remember.
How the Earth Was Made – The San Andreas Fault
Synopsis Aired originally on the History Channel in 2009, this pilot episode explores in captivating detail scientists’ frantic search for clues along the San Andreas Fault to predict the next great earthquake. Presented in heart pounding segments, with brief recaps to begin to each new topic, this documentary presents the work of scientists in a fascinating and detailed manner. Each new discovery moves the narrative forward while presenting enough science vocabulary and process to excite even the most casual viewer.
Word Rating Awe-inspiring, intense, thought provoking, engaging
Family Rating For all ages
Sensitive Areas Brief discussions of 1906 earthquake that shook California include images of falling buildings and injured people. There is brief talk of numbers of people killed. Predictions of future earthquakes include reference to potential fatalities.
Overall Rating If you are interested in science, or hoping to turn your kids onto science, How the Earth Was Made will win you over.

Secretariat – (PG)

Synopsis After Penny Chenery Tweety’s mother passes, Mrs. Tweety returns to her parent’s stable to help raise Secretariat, the greatest racehorse to ever live. This is Disney’s version of the true story of the 1973 triple crown winner.
Word Rating Inspiring, entertaining, uplifting, touching, sweet
Family Rating Wonderful, sentimental film for the entire family
Sensitive Areas The main character loses her mother then her father; topic is handled delicately
Overall Rating If you are interested in horse racing, strong female characters, and/or inspirational stories, you will enjoy Secretariat.